Good day, everyone! Time for a surprise middle-of-the-week news update! We finished working on the ! And so Witch Trainer Russian. Genie returns in this much request game! ♛Forgotten Toon 2- tfknet.se Patreon-. Welcome to my Lp please support me on Patreon for uncensored versions. tfknet.se

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Do not request a public favor "Give a blowjob to a classmate". Since there is something important for you to see in the end. Most pureblooded Pureblooded sorceress of the highest order Daphne Greengrass only appears from the version 1. After achieving the certain level of corruption, a chain of events with the Autumn dance will start. Besides, as stated above, some events will differ from the other two routes. Red - that you can relaunch the event. As stated above, to increase her pervertedness the tasks should be of appropriate level. witchtrainer


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