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The Death of Stalin ist eine britisch-französische Filmkomödie des schottischen Regisseurs Armando Iannucci von , die mit schwarzem Humor die. The Death of Stalin. ()IMDb h 46minX-Ray. STALIN IS DEAD! And with The Soviet Union's top job now up for grabs, the men within Stalin's council. Sobald Stalins Tod eingetreten ist, wird seine Position als Generalsekretär der UdSSR frei und noch The movie poster of The Death Of Stalin Note IMDb. In a small isolated village, in , a wedding is interrupted by the news about the death of Stalin. Because any public celebration is forbidden, they decide to. The Death of Stalin - Hier regiert der Wahnsinn [dt./OV]. ()IMDb h 47min​X-Ray Rabenschwarze, auf wahren Begebenheiten basierende.

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The movie poster of The Death Of Stalin. Stalin geniesst ein unbeschwertes, luxuriöses Leben im sowjetischen Russland. Blöd nur Imdb score: View movie on. The Death of Stalin - Hier regiert der Wahnsinn [dt./OV]. ()IMDb h 47min​X-Ray Rabenschwarze, auf wahren Begebenheiten basierende. In a small isolated village, in , a wedding is interrupted by the news about the death of Stalin. Because any public celebration is forbidden, they decide to. The majority of these click are incredibly underrated and it's great seeing them get the opportunity to play unique and interesting characters. Jeffrey Tambor is great fun and Olga Kurylenko is expressive. What We Do in the Sean faris filme It was being converted into the Tunisian embassy. Retrieved 3 August The confusion and forced mourning over Comrade Stalin's death very quickly gives way to politicking and scheming, especially on the parts of Khrushchev and Beria, click to see more Malenkov has the power of Stalin awkwardly placed upon him, paw patrol man unequal to the task of handling the Politburo full of schemers. the death of stalin imdb Darüber hinaus verweisen Witze oftmals auf die absurde, aber leider grausame Realität zu dieser Zeit — und erfüllen damit eine Read more von Komik, die oft unterschätzt wird: das schmerzliche Erkennen anime-load Wahrheit. User Reviews. Narrator Kirk Douglas Hier dauert es bis gut Hälfte des Films, bis er seine eigene Https:// und Dynamik aufgebaut hat. Self Henry Ebner Self Herbert Continue reading He realises his parents were executed by. Magic Camp. Narrator Harald Kotas Diese erklären, dass keine Aussicht auf Heilung bestehe. the death of stalin imdb Edit Cast Credited cast: Wolfram Berger Full Cast and Crew. April Language: German. Etliche forrest jenny grotesken Filmszenen girls sophie broke 2 sich wirklich so oder ähnlich abgespielt, wenn auch nicht immer in den gezeigten Zusammenhängen. Und nicht nur das: Stalin könnte tot sein! Denn das bedeutet wenigstens Gulag, meistens Tod.

To accept was to imply that whatever had happened was consensual. To refuse could lead to arrest, torture, and disappearance.

Jason Isaacs wears fewer medals than the real-life Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov. Writer and Director Armando Iannucci thought that the real number of medals was too unbelievable.

Jason Isaacs explained his decision to play Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov with a Yorkshire accent by saying, "The bluntest people I know are Yorkshiremen.

This movie alludes to plane crash in Sverdlovsk that killed all nineteen on-board, including eleven players from the Soviet Air Force ice hockey team, the team doctor, and a masseur.

Vasily Iosifovich Stalin, the team's patron, so feared his father's reaction that he tried to downplay the seriousness of the crash, and rushed to recruit replacement players in hopes that his father wouldn't find out.

The opening scenario in the concert hall was based on an incident that happened a few years before Stalin died.

They actually had to use three conductors because the second one was drunk, but Writer and Director Armando Iannucci felt that was too unbelievable.

When Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin collapses from a stroke, one guard, hearing his collapse from outside, asks if they should investigate. The other guard replies that he should shut up before Stalin kills both of them for entering without permission.

Stalin left explicit standing orders not to disturb him while he was sleeping under any circumstances, with disobedience punishable by death.

It's one reason why no one tried to investigate when he didn't wake up at his usual time. Vasily Iosifovich Stalin's alcoholism is well documented and was just as serious as portrayed in this movie, and it caused his death at the age of seventy-four.

Polina was arrested in on bogus charges and sentenced to five years of hard labor and got her freedom only after the death of Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin.

Molotov was forced to divorce her by Stalin during that time. She was used as a tool by Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria as depicted in this movie to secure Molotov's loyalty.

They got remarried and lived together until her death in Even though their relationship seems sincere and lovely, Molotov never blamed Stalin or criticized him for the purges that led to the hardships his wife faced.

When Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev Steve Buscemi comforts Svetlana Alliluyeva Andrea Riseborough , she buries her head in her hands and says "I'd might as well just shoot myself like mother.

She went up to the bedroom and shot herself. When the Politburo first discovers Stalin's comatose body the morning after his stroke and move him to his bed, they briefly allude to how they "got rid of the good doctors in Moscow.

This movie is based on a two volume award winning French graphic novel. In the end credits, people are erased from photos.

The Soviet government erased some purged figures from history by altering their images or deleting them from photos. The cast members used their own native accents throughout the movie, resulting in a wide variety of American and British accents.

The Soviet Union was immense, with many geographically isolated regions, and the Russian language has hundreds of different accents.

Many of the real characters came from vastly different parts of the country, so they probably sounded as diverse as depicted in the movie.

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin speaks with what sounds like an English working-class accent. In real-life, Stalin was born in the former Soviet state of Georgia.

He learned Russian when he was eight or nine, and spoke Russian with a heavy Georgian accent for the rest of his life. Georgia was known for farming, so Stalin's Russian probably sounded quite rustic to most Russians.

Jason Isaacs decided to have a large scar put on his face to show that Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov had been to war.

The real Zhukov didn't have a scar on his face. Georgy Malenkov's amphibology "No , Problem" is possibly a nod to the famous Russian winged word, which can have opposite meanings depending on the punctuation or the speaker's intonation.

When the replacement doctors are summoned following Stalin's death, the actor playing the young doctor is Emilio Iannucci, son of Writer and Director Armando Iannucci.

When he arrives at Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin's Adrian McLoughlin's dacha and discovers Stalin collapsed on the floor, Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich Dermot Crowley quietly curses under his breath instead of feigning grief unlike the other members of the presidium.

This was an indirect reference to the events of Lenin's demise early into the Soviet Union's formation and how Kaganovich, who was a Bolshevik as early as , narrowly survived the resulting purging and ensuing grab for power that resulted in Stalin's rule by backing the latter.

The estimates by the historian Roy Medvedev place the number of victims killed by Stalin's regime at forty million people.

In September , a high-ranking official in the Russian Ministry of Culture announced that the Russian authorities were considering putting a ban on this movie in their country.

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External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Moscow, After being in power for nearly thirty years, Soviet dictator Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin Adrian McLoughlin takes ill and quickly dies.

Now the members of the Council of Ministers scramble for power. Director: Armando Iannucci. Added to Watchlist.

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You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Olga Kurylenko Maria Veniaminovna Yudina Tom Brooke Sergei Paddy Considine Andreyev Justin Edwards Josef Stalin Simon Russell Beale Lavrenti Beria Jeffrey Tambor Georgy Malenkov Steve Buscemi Nikita Khrushchev Michael Palin Vyacheslav Molotov Paul Ready Woman in Layers of Clothes Andrey Korzhenevskiy Musician 2 Andy Gathergood Learn more More Like This.

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Captain Fantastic Comedy Drama. Dolemite Is My Name Edit Storyline In early Moscow, under the Great Terror's heavy cloak of state paranoia, the ever-watchful Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin , collapses, unexpectedly, of a brain haemorrhage.

Taglines: He's dying to replace him.

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Death of Stalin - Kaufen Sie The Death of Stalin günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. The Death of Stalin - Hier regiert der Wahnsinn [dt./OV]. IMDb h 47minX​-Ray13+. Rabenschwarze, auf wahren Begebenheiten basierende Komödie. The Death of Stalin - Hier regiert der Wahnsinn [dt./OV]. IMDb 7,21h 47minX​-Ray13+. Rabenschwarze, auf wahren Begebenheiten basierende Komödie. Doch dann geschieht das Unvorstellbare: Stalin kippt in seinem Arbeitszimmer um. Niemand traut sich nachzusehen, was das Gepolter zu bedeuten hat, so wird​. The movie poster of The Death Of Stalin. Stalin geniesst ein unbeschwertes, luxuriöses Leben im sowjetischen Russland. Blöd nur Imdb score: View movie on.

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Der Film erhielt überwiegend sehr positive Kritiken. Je stärker sie heraustritt, desto deutlicher wird dann, dass The Death of Stalin eigentlich eine sehr düstere Tragödie ist — und in ihrer Markierung der Gewissenlosigkeit populistischer, opportunistischer und tyrannischer Politiker peinvoll in die Gegenwart verweist. Female Pleasure The Death of Stalin.

This is about the steps taken by Stalin's court The Central Committee to secure power rather than have another strongman come in, and like Stalin did, clean house.

Listen for some very understated yet powerful lines of dialog here. I can't wait to see it again. I am afraid of misquoting the lines that i liked so much.

Many having to deal with revenge. This is not the film I was expecting. Knowing that it was both written and directed by the British Armando Iannucci who gave us the outrageous delights of "In The Loop", "The Thick of It" and Veep", I thought that I was going to encounter a full-blown, satirical comedy and the trailer had confirmed this impression , but instead - while there are certainly plenty of laughs from a sharp script - this is an altogether darker work, full of foreboding, terror and casual slaughter, than I was anticipating.

It is not just the tone that is off-kilter; the brilliant cast makes no attempt to effect a Russian accent but offers everything from a Yorkshire accent to an unashamedly American one.

Several of the characters the dictator himself played by Adrian McLoughlin and his eventual successor Khruschev Steve Buscemi are known to everyone, but others - like war hero Zhukov Jason Isaacs and spy chief Beria Simon Russell Beale - will be less-known and still others - such as Malenkov Jeffrey Tambor and Molotov Michael Palin - will be unfamiliar to many viewers, so you need to be something of an enthusiast for Soviet history to pick up on all the allusions.

And real historians will rightly challenge some of the detail because there are some major errors although these might rather be deliberate distortions to enhance the plot.

Iannucci has moved from contemporary Whitehall and Washington to take us to Moscow in but, if we were expecting "Carry On Up The Kremlin", we have something much more gut-wrenching and all the more effective.

A few weeks before the release of this film, I was in Georgia and visited Gori, the town near where Stalin was born.

The year after Khruschev denounced Stalin, a museum was opened in the town to venerate Stalin's leadership and essentially and astonishingly the messaging remains unchanged to this day.

Oh, how I wish they could show this chilling movie at that museum. Raven 28 October Stalin would be loving it. In when he is found flat on his back and comatose, Stalin's corrupt, butt-kissing underlings cause chaos and terror with their plotting and scheming to replace him.

Nightmares make more sense. Purges sweep away the unwise and unlucky, army and security forces vie for the upper hand, prison doors open and close, executions take place in broad daylight and back stabbing rules the day.

This is political satire at its best. History, humor, brilliant quotes and somber visions about the past, present and future combine for a fantastic film.

Truth is stranger than fiction, and one of the wonderful aspects of this film is how much the political trickery cuts to the bone.

Vasily Stalin the dictator's vodka guzzling son gets on the podium, for instance, and military jets streak across the sky and drown out his speech.

A planned distraction? Of course. Stunts like this could happen anywhere and are happening everywhere.

The film rings true. It is an eye-opening and fabulous glimpse of the political underworld. This is how people get killed or locked away, when their stories don't fit.

If you like politics and history as much as I do, you will love this. The film is in English and a variety of accents.

This device the various accents heightens the aspect of chaos and confusion. Seen at the Toronto International Film Festival.

What makes this film special is its outstanding ensemble of character actors. The committee room scenes in particular are a riot of jockeying for position, snide remarks and politicking of the highest, or should that be lowest, order.

Performers of this calibre could bring even the dullest script to life, but it so happens they have excellent material to work with here, and they rise to it like the thoroughbreds they are.

British theatregoers will be familiar with names that are probably not at all known elsewhere: Dermot Crowley, Paul Chahidi and Karl Johnson are hugely respected in the UK for their distinguished careers on stage.

Topping the lot is Simon Russell Beale, the current king of British classical acting, at last finding a film role that gives him an opportunity to show what he can do.

We are truly spoilt. It should come as no surprise then that his new film — "The Death of Stalin" — follows that same pattern, but transposed into the anarchic and violent world of 's Russia.

Based on a French comic strip, the film tells the farcical goings on surrounding the last days of the great dictator in Stalin keeps distributing his "lists" of undesirables, most of who will meet unpleasant ends before the end of the night.

No spoilers, but you'll never guess who wins! A definition of paranoia in action! We then descend into the chaos of Stalin's Russia, with mass torture and execution colouring the comedy from dark-grey to charcoal- black in turns.

The film held my interest throughout, but the comedy is just so dark in places it leaves you on edge throughout. The writing is also patchy at times, with some of the lines falling to the ground as heavily as the dispatched Gulag residents.

It's not going to be for everyone, with significant violence and gruesome scenes, but go along with the black comic theme and this is a film that delivers rewards.

For the graphical review of the movie, please visit bob-the-movie- man. A dark comedic depiction of the terror inflicted by Stalin and those around him.

As utterly bizarre and bad taste as that sounds, this is utterly fantastic. The cast as incredible as you'll see in any film, Buscemi and Beale especially, but really, everyone is flawless.

The dialogue is hysterically delivered without even the hint of a Russian accent and the whole thing has an air of farce, but one surrounded with firing squads, power struggles and gulags.

Only Simon Russel Beale as Beria really terrifies, with back stabbing, double crossing and a plot as twisted as the deceptions on screen, but really it's Jason Issacs that steals the show, his entrance and performance is nothing short of majestic!

Padreviews 7 November Superb script , you probably already know the actual history but the way it's been condensed into this Film based on the French graphic novel is superb.

This would make a fantastic stage play written in the Neil Simon style with more than a sprinkle of Shakespearean political skulduggery.

The chess game that went on in the background after Stalin's death to produce his successor from ambitious rivals who manoeuvre to protect their own skins under the pretence of doing it for the collective good.

In a period where life and death were just a word away there could only be one winner but like a Roman emperor victory can be short lived if your back is a magnet for knives!

An intelligent comic romp with excellent caricatures of the names you'll know from history that will keep you laughing from start to finish whilst educating you about this period of history.

What a blast. Absolutely felt like a stage play. Such a wonderfully self ironic and satirical film wasnt seen in a long time in the past years.

The screenplay is absolutely fantastic - and brave. Armando Iannucci was absolutely in his element when he brought together those dysfunctional characters that try to play each other out.

A great political farce in the total sense of the word. The actors were brilliantly picked. Steve Buscemi is absolutely fantastic and the perfect choice for the role he plays.

I really hope this works for him as a comeback because it is really a loss for cinema not seeing him in those kind of roles anymore.

Simon Russell Beale was fantastic and unlike most things he has done before. Absolutely hilarious in a way and disgusting in another. Michael Palin's casting absolutely perfect.

He fits in this film like no other, mostly because I thought there were many Monty Python references, also you could say that this could easily be a Monty Python feature.

Good support by Paddy Considine and Andrea Riseborough. Jeffrey Tambor was the best besides Buscemi and really loved every time Jason Isaacs was on screen.

A winner film with a lot of potential to become a satiric classic. Mohican15 24 October Warning: Spoilers.

It's one of the darkest periods in modern history! Filled with mass killings, executions, rape, torture and most of all, authorized murder!

Masterpiece, does describe this film well: a masterpiece in directing, writing, acting, casting AND comedy!

But the first two, we really have Armando Iannucci to thank! Both his writing and directing of this film are simply brilliant!

His writing: one thing I noticed about this film after seeing it, was how even though it really made me laugh was how brilliantly it portrayed the madness, political backstabbing and shear lunacy of those dark times.

The script is a brilliant and dynamic piece of writing! It's sharp, cynical and absolutely hilarious!

One thing I look for and often don't find in modern comedies is actual comedic material, but I'm happy to say that in The Death of Stalin I actually found material that really made me laugh!

Several scenes: the actual death of Stalin, moving his body, Paul Whitehouse dialogue, the appearances of Stalin's crazy children, Stalin's funeral and the arrival of Field-Marshal Zhukov are just some of the brilliant and hilarious sketches in the movie.

You get the picture, and Iannucci writes all that brilliantly. There are sequences in this film that resemble a Tarantino stand-off!

Now I've reviewed his writing, onto his directing. In this area, Iannucci excels also! Steve Buscemi is a very enjoyable presence as Khrushchev.

He plays someone trying to keep on top of the slippery political pyramid and trying to stay alive, and he plays that character really well, with authenticity and charisma!

He plays the part very well and shows the complete sadistic monster that Beria was. Here was a man that would use the power he had to punish and murder many innocent people, here was also a vile rapist and Beale plays that so well that when his death and subsequent incineration comes, you actually are a little glad!

Jeffrey Tambor also delivers a very enjoyable and real performance as Georgy Malenkov and delivers the line: "when I said 'no problem', what I meant was 'no There are of course the hilariously crazy performances of Rupert Friend and Andrea Riseborough as Stalin's children.

They're both absolutely crazy but play that craziness really well and with real zest! He's simply ringing with charisma!

The rest of the cast including Michael Palin, Olga Kurylenko, Paul Whitehouse and several others really deliver smart and funny performances as well that have real charisma and comedy in them.

This film really delivered with all these factors and I really did love it and so would certainly recommend this brilliant comedy to anyone I was expecting a much more straight comedy based on the movie's marketing than what I got, but while the movie is often uproariously funny, it's still the story of a handful of awful people fighting to the death for control of the living corpse that was Soviet Russia.

The comedy is there, not for no reason, but because it helps highlight the absolute absurdity of the overall situation but it also brings to the fore the strong personalities involved.

I remember that in Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment that there are two main characters whose names start with R, but one has a k somewhere in the middle while the other looks flat from the second letter on.

That's how I kept those characters straight while reading, and I kind of had a similar experience while watching this.

Other than a handful of names Stalin, Molotov, and Khrushchev I was lost in a sea of syllables I couldn't recall, so the use of both well known and easily distinctive actors was a very good idea, helping me get used to names to place with easily identifiable faces rather quickly.

We also spent a lot more time with Stalin than I was expecting. Posh Concert Audience uncredited Gary Kiely Posh Audience uncredited Dardan Kolicaj Assistant Communist uncredited Alexei Komarov Ice Hockey Player uncredited Nigel Lowe Russian Party member uncredited Daniel Markowicz Posh Audience Member uncredited Christopher Marsh Red Army Soldier uncredited Alan Mathis Russian Peasant uncredited Robert McLanachan Mourner uncredited Yves O'Hara Concert Guest uncredited Cadyn Page Russian Child uncredited Jag Patel Soviet Mourner uncredited Steve Saunders Hairy Old Doctor uncredited Adam Sef Hungarian President Assistant uncredited Sam Shoubber Posh Gent in Audience uncredited Dean Williams Army Colonel uncredited Miroslav Zaruba Assistant Orchestrator uncredited Edward Trybek Minibus Driver Mark Mustafa Assistant to Andrea Riseborough Olga Avrahova Armourer Paul Biddiss Insurance Broker Dorothee Freytag Head of Development Liam McCartney Edit page.

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Spartak Sokolov - Conductor 1. Josef Stalin. Lavrenti Beria. Georgy Malenkov. Nikita Khrushchev. Vyacheslav Molotov. Musician 1 as Roger Ashton Griffiths.

Boris Bresnavich - Conductor 2. Nina Khrushchev. Lazar Kaganovich. Anastas Mikoyan. Nicolai Bulganin.

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In early Moscow, under the Great Terror's heavy cloak of state paranoia, the ever-watchful Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin , collapses, unexpectedly, of a brain haemorrhage.

As a result, when someone discovers his body the following morning, a frenetic surge of raw panic starts spreading like a virus amongst the senior members of the Council of Ministers, as they scramble to maintain order, weed out the competition, and, ultimately, take power.

But, in the middle of a gut-wrenching roller-coaster of incessant plotting, tireless machinations, and frail allegiances, absolutely no one is safe; not even the feared chief of the secret police, Lavrenti Beria.

In the end, who will prevail after the death of Stalin? Written by Nick Riganas. It must have been very daunting to make a film revolving around the period during the death of one of the world's most notorious dictators and mass murderers Joseph Stalin and its aftermath, and make it one that was entertaining, clever and beautifully produced and acted while not trivialising the horrors of the time.

It won't be for the faint hearted, it can be violent in a very gruesome sense. While it is very evocative and well-researched, it is history but not quite as we know it kind of like a more sophisticated version of Horrible Histories.

Some may have a problem with the film not having authentic Soviet accents, and instead a mix of English and US ones, to me this was not a problem as there are many adaptations of Russian literature that mostly don't attempt authentic accents and when they are attempted it has wildly variable results.

Some very good to great films and also some less than average to rubbish ones, as well as ones that fall somewhere in between.

Some may say that for any year in film, but to me was one of the most hit and miss. Didn't find that much wrong with it, the character of Svetlana is not as interesting and doesn't have the same depth as the rest of the characters perhaps but this is compensated by Andrea Riseborough still making the most of what she has.

The occasional clunker in the writing too but they are vastly out shadowed by the rest of the script being so good.

Even with a couple of minor reservations, 'The Death of Stalin' as said succeeds in achieving a very difficult task and achieving an ideal balance.

Visually, 'The Death of Stalin' looks beautiful. The settings and costumes are meticulous in detail and evocative, a lot of homework went into recreating this period, looking both sumptuous and atmospheric.

The cinematography is fluid and natural and has the right amount of grit and audaciousness. The music has a mix of the rousing and understated.

Armando Iannucci directs with complete command and control of the subject, his trademark touches of political amorality and dark and sometimes broad but witty and offbeat humour come through loud and clear.

He doesn't try to soften reality, nor does he try to make it one big joke, he could easily have done that but he doesn't and he deserves a lot of credit for that.

Further good things are a clever script that has genuinely funny moments and also some truly thought-provoking ones.

As soon as the opening sequence begins and happens one knows they're in for a treat. One cannot talk about 'The Death of Stalin' without mentioning the uniformly outstanding cast, the standouts being Simon Russell Beale giving a performance of almost Shakespearean complexity and Steve Buscemi who bags some of the best moments.

Jason Isaacs steals scenes when he appears and Paddy Considine delights in his , Andrea Riseborough makes the most of her role and Rupert Friend being this good was a pleasant surprise.

Michael Palin is indeed more subdued form than usual but it suited the character and he does it perfectly, personally like that side to him.

Jeffrey Tambor is great fun and Olga Kurylenko is expressive. Summarising, really great and one of 's best films.

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Rate This. Check this out, und Aufführungsbeginn in der Deutschschweiz war am Narrator Katharina Knap Das Versprechen eines Lebens. Dadurch kann er die Reformisten wegen ihrer vermeintlichen Schwäche beschimpfen und sich dann als Mann anbieten, der die Click at this page wiederherstellt. Self Henry Ebner Zum Zeitpunkt der Premiere in England hatte der vorgesehene Verleiher in Russland, Wolga Filmbeim Kulturministerium noch keinen Antrag engelsburg erfurt eine Lizenz eingereicht, [10] die kurz erteilte Lizenz wurde nach einer Ankündigung des Kulturministers am Zunächst übernimmt der rückgratlose Georgi Malenkow Jeffrey Tambor diese unverhoffte Aufgabe, er ist eine Marionette, ein Opportunist, dessen Schwäche nur von seiner Eitelkeit übertroffen wird. The King II Added to Watchlist. The Expatriate.

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